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Written May 3, 2012
By Sam Weaver
(For Eddie and Patty Gill)

Passing the Light On

Bringing the gospel of God's light and good will
That is the ministry of Eddie and Patty Gill

Riding coast to coast for Christ is on their card
But not for self gain or earthly reward

The one purpose for their motorcycle ride
Is to present the light of God's Son glorified

   Their testimonies reflect in their face
The light of Jesus that saved them through grace

Warfare has put Patty through many a trial
But the light of God's love reflects in her smile

Eddie's seen hard times but you would never know
Since Jesus put the light of love in his soul

Jesus' light radiates from this precious pair
Light that is sustained through faith, love, and prayer

So motorcycle rides they faithfully make
To pass the light on so others can awake
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